Diploma in Study and Research Skills

A large number of international students from 180 different countries come to the UK every year, with diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. Some students find it difficult to meet the high standards at British institutions and as a result they either prolong their period of study or it is terminated. In this way they face heavy financial losses and mental strain and stress.

Our diploma in Research and Study Skills provides academic, research and English language preparation for those home and international students who intend to enter Graduate, Master's or PhD degree. 

At London School of Social and Management Sciences duration of this diploma is 3 to 4 months. The Total Qualification Time (TQT) for the diploma is 600 hours which includes classroom-based learning supervised by a teacher and independent and unsupervised research/learning. The Total Guided Learning Hours (GLH) is 360 hours (classroom-based learning) and the remaining 240 hours learners will spend on independent learning. 

 Course Structure 

  • Developing English Language Skills
  • English for academic purposes
  • Developing creative thinking Skills
  • Developing analytic and critical evaluation skills
  • Note-taking skills


  • Understanding different philosophies of research 
  • Understanding qualitative research approach
  • Understanding quantitative research approach 
  • Understanding mixed-method research approach
  • Understanding the application of different research designs
  • Understanding different data analysis tools for qualitative and quantitative research


  • Finding information for literature review
  • Synthesis in writing
  • Report writing
  • English paraphrasing skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Understanding different references systems 
  • Managing bibliographies, citations and references by using EndNote, Mendeley etc.

The School runs three academic sessions in a year. Learners can join any session of their choice and convenience. 

Academic Year 2020

Session 1: 6 January to 24 April 

Session 2: 27 April to 14 August 

Session 3: 17 August to 4 December 




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